10/2010 - Interfacing Announces Participation in Upcoming Quebec Government Mission to Mexico

Category: Announcements

Montreal, Canada. October 4th, 2010 - Interfacing announces its participation in the upcoming Quebec Ministry of Development, Innovation & Exportation (in collaboration with the Delegation General of Quebec in Mexico) commercial mission to Mexico on October 24th- 30th.   Interfacing was one of only twelve companies invited to join the prestigious event because of the innovative nature of their process driven knowledge and compliance management technologies.


The significant size (approximately 12 Billion) and annual growth (between 8% - 10%) of the IT sector within Mexico, has established itself as the leader in IT within the Latin Americas. Often looking to the north for new and innovative technologies, Quebec, Canada is highly recognized for its software applications, especially within the web based, simulation and gaming industries.  The Quebec government continues to support locally based IT firms by continuously creating new research and development programs as well as promotional activities in-order to maintain their competitive edge.


The mission will kick-off with an evening welcome reception in Mexico City hosted by the Ministry, followed by a series of one-on-one meetings with leading Mexico based corporations throughout the week. Meetings will take place in both Mexico City (October 25th-26th) as well as Guadalajara (October 28th-29th).   Mexico City was an obvious selection for the event as the largest metropolitan area within Mexico, however, Monterrey was overlooked since Guadalajara (capital of Jalisco) continues to lead the IT sector and establish itself as the Silicon Valley of Latin America.


For more information about the event, or if you would like to request an invitation for your organization, please e-mail: marketing@interfacing.com