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      Date: Dec 22, 2010
     Title: 12/2010 - Interfacing Announces Success of itSMF Event Showcasing Launch of Stay Technologies’ “Lean ITSM Toolkit”
Interfacing hosted an itSMF event showcasing the launch of Stay Technologies’ “Lean ITSM Toolkit,” a pre-packaged framework built into the Enterprise Process Center®.


Montreal, Canada. December 22, 2010. On November 25, Interfacing hosted an itSMF Montreal event to promote the benefits of a Business Process Management (BPM) Solution in support of an ITIL initiative. The event showcased the launch of Stay Technologies’ innovative “Lean ITSM Toolkit,” a pre-packaged framework built into Interfacing’s BPM software, the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC). Stay Technologies, a founder of itSMF Canada, presented a real client application of Interfacing’s EPC software and the Lean Toolkit, whereby the model proved to reduce the cost and time to implement ITSMF processes by up to 50 percent.


Yves St-Arnaud, President of Stay Technologies, explains that “the synergy between Interfacing’s BPM methodology and the ITIL framework is clear, both maintaining a strong focus on the customer. Interfacing's methods facilitate the advancement of corporate-level strategies – supporting value-stream mapping and the underlying business processes – while ITIL’s systematic approach to the management of IT services allows firms to streamline IT processes and improve knowledge management, productivity, and customer satisfaction."


Interfacing and Stay’s complementary presentations facilitated an understanding of the key interactions that should be set up in order to benefit from BPM and ITIL best practices. The demonstration emphasized the complex, reciprocal relationships between processes, products (technology), and people, and how the Toolkit lowers the risk of failure, increases and accelerates benefits, and guarantees a business-focused and relevant approach to improving the IT Service Management discipline within an organization. Interfacing’s EPC software allows firms to easily visualize and assign individual responsibility to the tasks that combine to form the basis of business operations.


“The partnership between Interfacing and Stay Technologies has resulted in a unique offering based on the fusion of Stay’s ITIL and ITSM expertise and Interfacing’s comprehensive BPM solution,” says Interfacing CEO Meir Levi. “EPC allows users to develop clear requirements and facilitates the standardization, communication, and even automation of processes, responsibilities, controls, rules, and policies required to coordinate and improve an IT department’s mandates and initiatives.”


Stay Technologies is a Business Transformation company that provides a complete range of advice and support to organizations looking to improve the quality of their IT services. They have established their reputation as an IT Service Management solution provider both within the private sector and with the federal government. Their core business consists of IT Service Management Professional Services, accredited ITIL Training, and Tool Integration.


itSMF Montreal is a non-profit organization affiliated with itSMF Canada and itSMF International. It aims to provide its members with a forum that promotes knowledge-sharing and encourages IT professionals to explore methods of improving the delivery of IT services[1].


Developed by the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce, ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) provides a cohesive set of best practices drawn from international public and private sectors. Developed in recognition of organizations’ growing dependency on IT, ITIL consists of a series of books that give guidance on the provision of quality IT services and on the accommodation and facilities needed to support IT. In accordance with international best practices, ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world.

[1] “About itSMF.” itSMF Canada. 2006. itSMF. 6 Dec. 2010.